Decca Builders, Inc. will assist you with:

  • General Contracting

    Collaboration with Architects, Developers, Subcontractors, City, County and various parties to ensure a timely and cost effective project completion.

  • Pre-Construction Analysis

    Let our 40 years of experience in the Southwest region assist you with site selection, space planning, and cost calculations to forecast your construction expenses. This cost-effective project planning step can take your company from concept to completion in the most cost-saving manner.

  • Cost-Estimating

    With our full-time, in-house estimators, we are capable of preparing estimates quickly and accurately.

  • Design/Build

    We have facilitated over four decades of projects from both Design/Build and Design/Assist.

  • General Construction Site Supervision

    Our experienced team of superintendents personally oversees each project to ensure timeline management, OSHA safety compliance as well as specific contract and/or site requirements as needed: Section III or Certified Payroll.

  • Project Management

    Our full-time project management team provides seamless communication to the field superintendents for additional daily support.

  • Financing

    Let our strong history of relationships assist you with finding a lending institution that can work collaboratively to achieve your development goals.

  • Customer Service & Warranty

    Decca Builders, Inc. and the Decca family of independently operated corporations maintain the highest customer satisfaction standards.